Duty & Responsibility

The duties of the Civil Defence consist of helping the community in times of emergency arising due to fire accident, flood, earthquake and in times of war and also for ensuring uninterrupted supply of essential commodities during times of strikes. The HG & CD has responsibility of imparting training to volunteers in Civil Defence work and mustering as many general public volunteers for pressing into service in providing first aid in times of natural and man made calamities as well as in the rescue and salvaging work as first responders. They also supplement the police in the guarding of important installation, prevention of crimes, protection of people when called for and in traffic management.

Role of Home Gaurds

Home Guards assist in maintaining internal security, law and order duties besides providing protection to the important installation for both Central and State establishments, banks, VIPs house guard, traffic duties especially in Dimapur, Kohima Mokokchung and Wokha.

  • Serve as an auxiliary force to the police and assist in maintaining internal security.
  • Assist the community in any kind of emergency – fire, flood , epidemic and so on.

The Home Guards is comprised of Armed Personnel raised to augment the activities of the State Police, as and when necessary. The Civil Defence Organisations consists of civilian volunteers trained to assist the Civil Administration in the event of natural or man-made calamities/disaster.

Role of Civil Defence
  • To save life;
  • To minimize damage to property;
  • To maintain continuity of production;
  • To keep up the high morale of public.